Lorton/Mason Neck, VA Real Estate

Lorton and Mason Neck are located in the southern most part of Fairfax County. Mason Neck is a peninsula that juts out into the Potomac. Lorton is landlocked, except for its southwestern border, which brushes up against the Occoquan River.

There is a considerable amount of land and history shared between these two entities. Prior to the arrival of British colonists, both Lorton and Mason Neck are thought to have been inhabited by members of the Doeg Tribe. Mason Neck is home to Gunston Hall, which was the primary residence of George Mason. 

Quality of Life:

The 1960's brought considerable residential developments to Lorton and Mason Neck. Today they are “bedroom communities” of Washington, D.C. Several expansive parks provide a variety of recreational activities to residents and visitors alike. 

Getting Around:

I-95 and Route 1 are the two major roads that serve Lorton and Mason Neck. For city commuters, the VRE can be picked up in Woodbridge.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 25 miles.
Washington Dulles International Airport:  < 40 miles.
Baltimore Washington International Airport:  < 60 miles.